12V 210Ah 20hr GEL batteri Dynac

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Product Id : 172035

The Dynac Gel battery GB 210, 12 volt, 210 Ah, is a reliable battery with gel technology and has a long service life. The GB 210 is ideal for cyclic applications, but can also be used as a starter battery. This gel battery is 100% maintenance free, has excellent vibration resistance and is resistant to deep discharges up to 75-80%.

Mer information
Produkttyp Batteri
Tullkod 8507208090
Ursprungsland Kina
Certifieringar CE
Spänning 12V
Kapacitet 210Ah ved 20h, 250Ah ved100h
Engång / Uppladdningsbar Uppladdningsbar
Typ PB (Blybatteri)
Vikt 800.000000
Type Blybatteri Monoblokk
Dimension 518x276xH242 mm
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