A123 2,3Ah 3,3V Batteri Nanophosphate Lithium LiFePO4

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Nano-Phosphate LiFePO4 Original A123 ANR 26650 M1A Celle
Nano-Phosphate LiFePO4 Original A123 ANR 26650 M1A Cell With patented Nano-Phosphate technology, A123-26650 cells boast many advantages over Li-Poly, etc: Safety, Faster Charge Rate, Cycle Life, Extended Shelf Life, Durable metal case and Lower cost Nominal Voltage: 3.3V Nominal Capacity 2300mAh Recommended Charge : 3A to 3.6V CCCV (constant current - constant voltage) Recommended Fast Charge: 10A to 3.6V CCCV Fast charge time: 15 minutes Continuous Discharge: 30C Pulse: 60C Dimensions 26mm(1.04") dia. x 65mm(2.5") ht Weight: 70 grams Cycle Life at 10C discharge: 1000+ Applications: power tools, RC racing car, high power EV,etc Power: Over 3000 W/kg and 5800 W/L Safety: Excellent abuse tolerance and environmentally friendly Life: Excellent calendar life, 10X cycle life vs. conventional lithium ion A123 batteries use a new type of cell construction based on a dual plate tubular design optimized to deliver very high power with high efficiency. This new design does not use crimp seals and instead opts for a more advanced all laser welded construction optimized for very low humidity penetration over the life of the battery as well as stronger, thicker dual plate headers. .
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Produkttyp Batteri
Vikt 0.007000
Tullkod 8507600090
Ursprungsland Kina
Spänning 3,3 Volt
Kapacitet 2300 mAh
Engång / Uppladdningsbar Uppladdningsbar
Battericellsproducent A123
Typ LiFePo4
Dimension 25.85 x 65.15 mm
Färg Grön
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