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  1. 3.6 Volt Lithium-batteri på ca. 2600 mAh som erstatter ER6V  Läs Mer
    Volt (V): 12 
    Capacity (Ah / 20hr): 105
    Length (mm): 345
    Width (mm): 175
    Height (mm): 230 Total height (mm): 230
    Weight (kg): 29

    The 12 volt 105 ah AGM Semi-traction battery type AGM ST105 (Absorbing Glass Material = The acid is absorbed by the glass fiber between the lead plates so that it is no longer liquid). The AGM is used for various purposes to use long-term power. Ideal for eg. household - light - on board battery in the caravan, camper, boat, electric boating, radio, lighting, refrigerator, electric motor, whisper motor, bow rack, solar panels, stern, windlass, caravan mover, tipper trailer, water pump, electric fence device, tail lifts etc.
    You often see them in the Reclamation, Water Sports, Forest Agriculture and Transport. A suitable solution for every situation.  
    The benefits of an AGM semi-traction battery at a glance: Gas-tight Leakproof NEVER refill Supply long-term power Up to 80% discharged Can be mounted on the side A quality Maintenance-free closed Longer life than regular semi traction Stuffed Loaded Immediately ready for use
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  3. PLS/PLC batteri til Fanuc/GE A98L-0031-0012. 3 Volt Sanyo FDK-battericelle med motstand, ledning og plugg. Läs Mer
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Artiklar 1-20 av 213

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