Lader for 8 AA/AAA NIMH battericeller Everactive NC800

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Industrial charger for charging up to 8 PCs. Batteries
Ni-MH, 1-8x R6/AA, R03/AAA
12V DC Input voltage-AC adaptor and car adaptor included
8 Independent charging channels
Max. Charging time 8 PCs. AA 2000mAh-OK. 5h
2 years Warranty



EverActive NC-800 micro-processor charger.

2 years warranty-Highest quality of workmanship.

The EVERACTIVE NC 800 has as many as 8 independent charging channels for the NI-MH batteries in the sizes R6/AA or R03/AAA, each cell is loaded individually.
It allows you to charge 8 R6/AA or R03/AAA batteries in any configuration/combination, of any capacity, of any manufacturer.

Key features of the NC800 charger:
fast charging of large amounts of batteries at the same time- ideal for industrial and professional applications,
BACKLIT LCD display with battery charge indicator separately for each charging slot-during charging, it displays the current charge level (corresponding to 25/50/75/100%) on the bar chart in a simple and legible way.
-100-240V AC power adapter included, and 12V car adaptor,
It has a function of refreshing (discharge) of rechargeable batteries on demand, which allows longer to enjoy the good condition of cells,
-The Charger has short-circuit protection, incorrect insertion of batteries and overheating,
microprocessor-controlled charging process With-DV-This guarantees full charge for each cell individually.

Kit Contents:
-Mains adapter,
-12V Car Adaptor,
-Instruction in Polish, English and German.

Technical data
Supported Batteries 1-8pcs. R03 AAA/R6 AA, Ni-MH
of any capacity
Charging AA: 8X 500 MA Max
AAA: 8X 250 MA Max
Discharge current 70-700 mA Depending on the number and type of cells
Security Microprocessor with control-dV,
Protection against overheating of batteries,
Overload/short-circuit protection,
Detection of damaged and alkaline cells
Operating modes charge, discharge (discharge/refresh)
Lcd Readable with blue backlight,
Graphical indication of the charge level
Power 100-240V AC 50-60H/12V DC 1.0 A

Dimensions 175 x 105 x 30 mm Warranty 2 years old Indicative, maximum charging times 1-8 PCs. AA 2000mAh ~ 5h
1-8 PCs. AA 2500mAh ~ 6h
1-8 PCs. AAA 800 mAh ~ 4h
1-8 PCs. AAA 1000 mAh ~ 5h

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