Varta Easy Line Universal batteriladdare (utan batterier)

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Product Id : 135767
Navn: Varta Easy Line Universal batteriladdare (utan batterier) Pris: 399.2
  • Lader AAA, AA, C, D og 9V batterier.
  • Lader opp til 4 batterier samtidig.
  • Ladetid fra 2 timer.
  • Fast, reliable, VERSATILE, CPU charger with LCD everActive NC-900U with USB socket. Features 8 fully independent smart charging channels with refresh/unload function 6x R03 AAA, R6 AA interchangeable with 4x C R14, D R20 + 2 channels for 9V/6F22 cells, loads effortlessly single cells and odd, unusual battery configurations. The charger has unique indication of the charge level for each battery- expressed as a percentage -total of up to 8 independent INDICATIONS on the readable LCD display! For charging all consumer Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, AA/R6, AAA/R03, C/R14, D/R20, 6F22/9V batteries. 24 months warranty, highest quality guaranteed by everActive brand. For both Ni-Cd and Ni-MH cells, size AA/R6, AAA/R3, C/R14, D/R20, 6F22/9V. Great for next generation cells Eneloop, Recyko, Evolta, Ready2Use etc. The NC900U is a processor charger with 6 independent charging circuits from 1-6 cells AA/R6, AAA/R3 or 1-4 cells C/R14, D/R20, of any capacity. 2 additional channels Are Intended for charging 9v batteries. Innovative loader design allows charging of batteries in many unique configurations e.g.: 4x R6 AA/R03 AAA + 2x R14 C/R20 D + 2x HR22 9V simultaneously, 3x R6 AA + 3x R03 AAA + 2x HR22 9V simultaneously, 6x R6 AA/R03 AAA + 2x HR22 9V simultaneously, 1x R6 AA + 1x R03 AAA + 3x R14 C/R20 D + 2x HR22 9V simultaneously. The USB port allows you to charge phones and other portable devices powered from a USB port. The charger turns off automatically when fully charged. The Charger supports fast and automatic charging Of 9V size batteries as well. Importantly, the charger loads all, even high-capacity rechargeable batteries providing full performance -No limit to the capacity of the rechargeable battery. The loader uses the advanced microprocessor of the latest generation. The charger has a special algorithm to test the batteries before charging-it decides on the need to use the refresh mode or preloading! Charging can take up to 4 steps: 1. discharge To remove the effect of a lazy battery, minimizes the effect of memory, 2. pre-charging -pulse charging, low intensity for cells with high internal resistance, 3. Basic charging -with rated intensity, 4. Maintenance charge -rechargeable batteries remain fully charged, can be removed from the charger at any time. The charger, despite the 8 charging channels, is exceptionally fast-charging currents and other technical data is presented in the table below. Technical data Supported Batteries Ni-MH/Ni-Cd 1.2 V: AA/R6, AAA/R3, C/R14, D/R20 7.2 V/8.4 V: 6F22/HR22/9V Input voltage 100-240V AC 50/60Hz 30W Preload currents AA/C/D-6x 500mA AAA-6x 300mA 6F22-2x 30mA Basic charging Currents AA/C/D-6x 1000mA AAA-6x 500mA 6F22-2x 60mA Discharge currents AA/C/D-6x 120mA AAA-6x 80mA 6F22-2x 30mA Maintenance charge AA/C/D-6x 40mA AAA-6x 20mA 6F22-2x 3mA USB output 5V DC, Max 500mA Dimensions 210 x 175 x 48mm (w/h/d) Operation Indication Multi-segment, large LCD display with percentage indication, and 8 two-color LEDS Additional Information Automatic diagnosis, Discharge/refresh of batteries, indicator of battery charge% for all slots-Also 9V Maximum charging times R03 AAA 600mAh-1.5 h R03 AAA 800mAh-2h R03 AAA 1000mAh-2.5 h R6 AA 1500mAh-2h R6 AA 2000mAh-2.5 h R6 AA 2500mAh-3h 15min R6 AA 2700mAh-3.5 h R14 C 3000mAh-4h R14 C 4500mAh-5h 50min R20 D 3000mAh-4h R20 D 6000mAh-7h 45min R20 D 10000mAh-13h 9V 6F22 150mAh-3h 9V 6F22 200mAh-4h 9V 6F22 250mAh-5h Specification: -Nicely folded, b. Well-made-housing of high-quality plastics, - automatic Discharge/refresh function (refresh), allows you to keep the batteries in perfect condition- improves performance, even relatively worn batteries, - Next Generation control processor, - built-IN USB Port-the ability TO charge USB-powered devices, - Possibility to charge any amount of batteries of any capacity- 6 + 2 Independent charging channels, - Detection -dV - the batteries will be charged to their full capacity, - detection of damaged batteries and alkaline cells, - charging current up to 1000mA (depending on the size of the battery being charged), 1-6 batteries 1800mAh charges in 2.5h, - DIGITAL, LCD display showing the indicative, percentage charge level of each cell individually, multi-color LEDs signal the current operating mode, - High quality Guaranteed By everactive brand. The kit includes: -Charger everActive NC 900U packed in original, aesthetic box, -User manual. Warranty 24 months.
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    Produkttyp Tillbehör
    Vikt 0.403000
    Tullkod 8504318090
    Jackdimension Ingen
    Certifieringar CE, ISO 9001, ISO 9002
    EAN 5902020523581
    Kompatibel/Original Original
    Produsent Everactive
    Inngangsspenning 100-240VAC
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